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Drought is the ‘new normal’ in the Cowichan region.
So is using less water.

Gone are the days when we could brag about having more water than we could possibly use, and trust that our aquifers and lakes would just refill automatically. We now have far too little rain and snow most of the year, and far too much every now and then that result in huge amounts of water being pushed through our system and into the ocean. The result is that we can no longer rely on water to be here when we need it.

‘Living the new normal’ means using only as much water as we need, and getting better at storing water so we have enough to support our ecosystem and economy. This DroughtSmart section contains information about the signs and impacts of drought and tools to help homeowners, business owners and farmers easily adapt to living the new normal.

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Regional Information

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DroughtSmart Tools

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The New Normal is an initiative of the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

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Living the New Normal

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