The BC River Forecast Centre is maintaining the Low Streamflow Advisory for Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island has experienced continued drier-than-normal precipitation and warmer-than-normal temperatures through July. These persistent conditions have resulted in continued stress on Vancouver Island streamflow conditions, particularly on mid-Island unregulated streams and on smaller ungauged streams. Many streams on Vancouver Island have reached or surpassed the typical summer low flow conditions.

Within the Cowichan Region, the following rivers are included in the Advisory:

  • Koksilah River at Cowichan Station (08HA003) is currently recording a water level of 0.61 m. The rating curve for the station is not accurate at these low flow conditions.
  • Chemainus River near Westholme (08HA001) is currently flowing of approximately 0.15 m3/s, which is below the recorded minimum flow for this period of time.
  • Cowichan River near Duncan (08HA011) is currently recording a flow of 4.08 m3/s, which is 64% of the median flow (4th percentile) and above the recorded minimum flow for this period of time [Note the flow in the Cowichan River is regulated by the weir at Cowichan Lake]