The ongoing hot and dry conditions in the Cowichan Valley are leading to increasing pressures on our water sources. To ensure there is adequate supply for both human and environmental needs, the Province is urging all residents and local governments to conserve water.

Stage 3 Watering Restrictions will be in place across the region beginning Friday July 16 until further notice. Under Stage 3, the use of sprinklers is not permitted, nor is the washing of vehicles, houses or driveways. Hand watering of trees, shrubs and gardens is allowed for a maximum of two hours per day, but only between 7-9 am or 7-9 pm. Micro or drip irrigation systems are allowed for a maximum of four hours per day. If you have a watering system on a timer, please update your settings to follow these rules.

For the full list of what is allowed under Stage 3, please see the Water Use Restrictions page.