The rain and cool weather over the past couple of weeks has led to moderate improvements in the drought conditions in the Cowichan Region.  In response to improving conditions and a forecast for continued wet weather, a number of restrictions are being relaxed.

  • Provincial drought level reduced.  The BC River Forecast Centre has lowered the drought level for Vancouver Island to Level 3 – Very Dry.
  • Campfire and open burning bans lifted.  The Coastal Fire Centre has lifted campfire and open burning bans for the region.  Note that backyard burning is still regulated by local by-laws in many CVRD electoral areas and member municipalities.
  • Angling Closures partially lifted.  The angling closure has been lifted for all streams within the Cowichan Region with the exception of the Cowichan River.  Flows in the Cowichan River remain below normal, so angling continues to be banned on the Cowichan River.
  • Water Use Restrictions reduced.  All CVRD and municipal water systems will be moving to Stage 2 Water Use Restrictions on Friday, September 18.  For users of other water systems, please check with your water provider for updates to water restrictions.  Please note that the CVRD Woodley Range water system will remain on Stage 3 Water Use Restrictions.